The future of Data Labeling & Annotation – with AIW

The future of Data Labeling & Annotation - with AIW

The significance of human-in-the-loop data labeling & annotation is overpowering the automation platforms as of today’s wave in the AI workflow cycle.

by AIW Blogger - Februrary 12, 2022

The Global Data Labelling Market is expanding at a rate of 29.6% CAGR and is expected to touch 5 billion USD by the end of the year 2026. Consequently, In India, according to a 2019 Cognilytica report, the market valuation of third-party data labeling services is projected to cross $1 billion by 2023. The rising demand for annotation & labeling backed by human-intelligence services is increasing exponentially. Ideally, many AI-enabling businesses are seeking automation, but with continuous developments and complexities of AI/ML applications, the significance of annotation & labeling by trained professionals and a scalable workforce is persistent.
In an interview, Sangeeta Gupta, Senior VP at NASSCOM quoted “AI requires properly annotated, classified, and anonymized data. For this, whether you like it or not, you will use automation, but you will also have to use a skilled human workforce, and that is the opportunity it presents for India”.
AI Workspace (shortly renowned as AIW), with a dynamic and futuristic approach, is disrupting the market requirements for human-in-the-loop services. AIW is a data labeling and annotation service provider enriching data for AI-enabling businesses with human-in-the-loop services across various domains and industry-wide use cases.
AIW has a prominent portfolio, with deep domain expertise in data sourcing, annotation & labeling across 13 prominent industries, over 2500+ cross-trained professionals globally who have annotated more than 500 million objects in 4 years of experience, is one of the leading players in the industry.
AIW promises exponential growth to its client with the mission to empower their AI/ML models by enabling “On-time service and timely delivery of the project”, “Responsible handling of client data”, “Safety and security of client data” & “Data accuracy assurance”.

The future contribution:

AIW understands the importance of a human-powered workforce that enables efficient AI/ML models training. To contribute to the same, AIW is expanding its doors to professionals with a desire to explore & experience the AI Industry. With the AIW academy, we have launched “An annotators & labelers program”, wherein we will train students & professionals at the crux of data labeling & annotation and pose exciting work opportunities throughout the industry.
This model is formed to enhance the experience of our clients with a scalable & variable workforce along with more & more professionals trained with multi-skillsets in this industry. The AIW experts are also growing along with the complexities of AI/ML models. We are continuously exploring cutting-edge use cases, along with training more professionals to implement and execute the same on a large scale. The deep dive into the complexities of the computer vision, natural language processing applications with extreme involvements of the data annotation industry enhances the quality of our workings. Our work in the field of Medical & Healthcare has contributed to advance technologies being used to help doctors & patients across the globe. AI Workspace is working towards expanding its horizon in the field of Health and Medicare and to ensure the best of process and secure environment for its clients exploring to work in the area, it has completed HIPAA Readiness Audit as a Business Associate. This ensures that AIW follows the best of the security protocols required to handle Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) data as per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Act.
The growth promise of AIW resides in the steady and ongoing expansion of its services across continents, enabling cutting-edge use cases in the AI/ML space catering to the iterative nature of the development of AI/ML algorithms.

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