AIW - Building an Intelligent World

AI Workspace (AIW) thrives on innovation with its aim to evolve in the
Data Annotation & Labeling Industry

The AIW Story

AIW or AI Workspace signifies the dynamicism and the meticulousness of our people, processes, and technology altogether.

Our foundation is laid on technological expertise backed by a powerful workforce that is driving training data for AI-enabling businesses with human-in-the-loop data annotation & labeling services across various domains and industry-wide use cases.

AIW enables accurate implementation and faster deployment of various AI and ML algorithms across Computer Vision, NLP, Content Moderation applications with high-quality, secured annotation delivered in a timely manner from its state-of-the-art delivery centers across India. Join AIW in this evolving journey by expanding your horizons and empowering your projects.

The AIW Advantage

Every business is built differently and would require exclusive care for their data. AIW adds cutting-edge value to help you build a strong competitive advantage


AIW is housed in a state of the art infrastructure spread over 200,000 sqft of built up space with a team strength in excess of 2500+ Workers


AIW functions with the power of Human-in-the-loop services helping test, train and tune your AI and ML models and applications

Marque Certifications

AIW processes and controls are certified as per standard defined by AICPA SOC 2® Type II guidelines and HIPAA Act

Global Operations

AIW has multiple delivery centers across India with a dedicated office in the USA for better co-ordination with clients and quality on-time service

Bringing Value to your world of AI

Data Labeling & Annotation Services by AIW enables organized and enriched data helping AI-enabling businesses to build superior AI and ML capabilities across different domains and industry verticals with the objective to humanize machine-led decisions to the utmost precision.

Need to discuss your project requirement?

AIW is a Data Labeling & Annotation services company providing highly accurate and timely human-in-the-loop labeled and annotated data across various domains and industry verticals to AI-enabling businesses intending to enable superior training of AI and ML models.