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Special cases and advanced models of AI and ML require trained data annotation & labeling, at AIW our dedicated team of experts works best for the job.

Explore our expertise in the field of AI & Machine Model Enhancement (Product Enhancement)

Our growing team of SMEs is working with complex use cases under this domain and enhancing the models with our expert data labeling & annotation solutions

Maps AI & Machine Model

The objective is to work on user alerts (user raises alerts if any discrepancy found in maps while using), validating the user raised alerts as per ground truth, resolving the issue highlighted in the alerts as per validation outcome, keeping the maps error-free to give customers a hassle less map to use for their commute.

Human Attribution

This is all about identifying, classifying/labeling and sourcing of person (celebrity or non-celebrity) based on certain facial features and other attributes and thus determining their identity, race, ethnicity, gender, profession etc. The classification and identification methods also involve certain peripheral, ancillary or incidental attributes like occlusion, lighting condition, attire, indoor/outdoor setup etc.

Enhancing the AI & ML advanced models

With specialists trained to perform advanced data labeling and annotation, AIW is at the forefront of the future growth of this industry

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AIW is a Data Labeling & Annotation services company providing highly accurate and timely human-in-the-loop labeled and annotated data across various domains and industry verticals to AI-enabling businesses intending to enable superior training of AI and ML models.


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