Enriching AI and ML models in the Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry is seeking a lot of different AI and ML applications to improve production and increase efficiency in processes.

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Our growing team of SMEs is working with complex use cases under this domain and enhancing the models with our expert data labeling & annotation solutions

Quality Control (Product Anomaly Detection)

Our team helps manufacturers and the developing tech with expert annotation & labeling for use cases like product anomaly detection and quality control checks

Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturers lose a lot of money due to machinery breakdowns, with technological developments, predictive maintenance has been made possible. Our team of experts works closely with manufacturers powering their tech with accurate data annotation & labeling.

Industrial Robot Navigation

Smooth navigation and obstacle avoidance issues can be solved with Industrial Robot navigation tech. This can be enhanced with advanced data annotation & labeling.

Driving the manufacturing domain across a multitude of use cases

The growing usage of AI and ML applications in the field of manufacturing requires expert data training on a large scale. AIW is catering to companies enabling such applications in this domain with expert-driven annotation & labeling.

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AIW is a Data Labeling & Annotation services company providing highly accurate and timely human-in-the-loop labeled and annotated data across various domains and industry verticals to AI-enabling businesses intending to enable superior training of AI and ML models.


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