Enhancing AI and ML solutions across the e-commerce industry

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries where AIW is helping industry stalwarts to constantly improve their services and add new customer-centric features with innovative expert-in-the-loop and Gen-AI solutions.

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Our growing team of SMEs is working with complex use cases under this domain and enhancing the models with our expert data labeling & annotation solutions

Product Item Description

AIW has helped to design AI-enabled tools to ensure a more compact and easier search reference when a consumer looks for a product on-line. This process will allow the tools to make the consumer experience much more smooth.

Product Search Relevance

Reviewing and categorizing online products based on the creative fields such as product title, product description, product image, etc. based on the set of questions, examples and instructions.

Product Dimension Labelling

Extracting the dimensions of various products from product source links for enhancing AI-enabled e-commerce platforms and also providing the proper product details related to a particular ASIN.

Driving the e-commerce industry across
a multitude of use cases

The growing usage of AI and ML applications in the field of e-commerce requires expert data training on a large scale. AIW is catering to companies enabling such applications in this domain with expert-driven services.

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AIW is a Data Labeling & Annotation services company providing highly accurate and timely human-in-the-loop labeled and annotated data across various domains and industry verticals to AI-enabling businesses intending to enable superior training of AI and ML models.


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