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Media & Networking consists of crucial data which requires proper training, at AIW we work towards the growth of training data in this field

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Our growing team of SMEs is working with complex use cases under this domain and enhancing the models with our expert data labeling & annotation solutions

Brand Safety

Brand safety is a set of measures that aim to protect the image and reputation of brands from the negative or damaging influence of questionable or inappropriate content when advertising online. The purpose is to detect and label the content which is not appropriate and contains unsafe materials.

Text Overlay

The objective of this annotation effort is to assess readiness of using auto-extracted (using ML models) text segments on video ads to generate timed-text subtitles representing all on-screen (overlay) text covering relevant/key info in a video.

Video Tech Cues (VTC)

The purpose of Video Technical Cue is to annotate videos (Movies/Web series) into categories like shot boundary, credit boundary, black frames & SMPTE Bars.

Text Classification

The objective is to intervene and bifurcate relevant or unwanted material out of different media like books, academic journals etc.

Effectively contributing to the future of data annotation & labeling in the field of Media

Growing usage of data annotation and labeling by the media industry to segregate and classify important pieces of media has led our team of experts to explore the varied use cases under this field and successfully help enhance the models

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