Customer Chat Support

To automate the Customer Support Service process by introducing the automated chatbot which allows businesses to communicate with their customers without having any engagement of human representative. To achieve the goal firstly, the teams need to collect relevant dataset of conversation that happens between real customer and customer support executive to resolve the certain issues […]

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Product Search Relevance

To review and categorize online products based on the creative fields such as product title, product description, product image, etc. based on the set of questions, examples and instructions as stated in the guideline shared by the client. Project Category Natural Language Processing (NLP) Achievement With AI enabled search relevance process, search engine companies are […]

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Resume Ranking Process

The objective of the resume labeling task is to automate the process of resume screening basis on qualification, work experience, expertise, and other parameters. It requires proper analysis, research, and attention to detail in order to identify parameters and attributes in a rational way so that the machine could give the best possible output and […]

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Manufacturing Anomaly Detection

To conduct image annotation of anomalies in objects or places with the aim to enable clients in manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and other related sectors pull off their desired quality of standard and reduce operational costs to a great extent. Project Category Computer Vision Achievement The annotated image datasets are now helping clients reduce product errors, […]

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Portuguese Online Food Classification

To classify and categorize human food and non-food items online, as well as to subclassify and subcategorize human food items into taxonomies, types and cuisines, for enhancing AI enabled online food ordering apps’ performance in ensuring smooth customer navigation through catalogs and correctly identifying customer preferences, placed orders, and delivery requirements. Project Category Natural Language […]

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3D Cuboid for LIDAR

Nowadays, automated vehicles are one of the key areas of automobile sector. The technology that is used in these cars requires a proper mapping of the surrounding they are in. The AI-models needs to be trained not only in detecting the objects that are present outside the ego-vehicle, but also the position and the measurement […]

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AI in Opthalmology

Due to the shortage of ophthalmologists in low & middle-income countries, less number of people are being tested for diabetic retinopathy despite of a rise in cases Project Category Computer Vision Achievement Data training via annotation & labeling enables human like intelligence by the machine in the analysis, interpretation, and comprehension of complicated medical and […]

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Surgical Tool Annotation

Image Annotation of different types of surgical tools to be used in building an AI Model to aid in autonomous detection of different types of surgical tools Project Category Computer Vision Achievement Fascilitated surgical tool classification in real-time enabling computerized assistance to the surgeons in conducting different operations. Annotation enhances surgeons’ efficiency and safety of […]

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