Computer Vision | Use Cases in AIW

Computer Vision refers to the branch of computer science that is dedicated to the creation and building of digital systems that are given the capability to analyze, process, and comprehend data in multiple formats such as images, videos, and other visual inputs. Computer vision largely involves training computers to analyze and process pixel-level images to […]

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What is Data Annotation? Why does it matter?

Data Annotation is typically the term used to define the process of data labeling in multiple data formats such as images, video, text, to train machines for understanding the data and completing specific tasks. The more popular type of Machine Learning, which is supervised Machine Learning, deals with large data sets with annotated data used […]

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Techniques of Labeling Data in Machine Learning

Data Labeling refers to the process of identifying unorganized and raw data in formats including images, text files, videos, etc.) and adding one or more relevant labels/tags to every data element. The labels provide information to help machine learning models learn the context of every data element. When the Machine Learning models and algorithms learn […]

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AIW is a Data Labeling & Annotation services company providing highly accurate and timely human-in-the-loop labeled and annotated data across various domains and industry verticals to AI-enabling businesses intending to enable superior training of AI and ML models.


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